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Accelerated Retail Technologies (ART) is a leading developer of innovative and customized automated retailing systems, micro stores, kiosks, and technology-driven self service retail solutions.
Retailers and business owners want low cost ways to either start a new business or expand an existing operation. Automated retailing provides both low cost of entry and a rapid return on investment by reducing overhead and increasing profits thanks to automatic vending.

ART offers smart vending solutions that go beyond traditional vending. Non traditional vending solutions include an interactive touch screen ordering system and back-end inventory management. Opportunities to display product information and customizable item sizes allow for a wider range of automated retail offerings.

Video displays can provide additional revenue and attract consumers to your machine. ART has created a media enterprise, which allows advertisers to reach customers right at the point of purchase. This “Maximum Impact Advertising” creates unique opportunities for branding and promotions, and gives system owners with another revenue stream.

ART is a pioneer in providing the highest levels of security in an automated system, for those items that require extra measures of caution. From advanced fingerprint identification to facial recognition to military-grade hardened cases, ART is the leader in providing complete security in an automated, self-service environment.

If you have specific dimensions and sizes to best fit your needs, ART has the capabilities to custom build to your specs. With state-of-the-art technology and machinery in house, ART can ensure that high quality and tolerances are maintained throughout the production process.

ART, as a kiosk manufacturer can custom-design a self-service, automated dispensing solution for virtually any product, and create a unique, effective and attractive system that meets almost every challenge and goal. Whether your goals are building sales volume, increasing points of distribution, enhancing brand awareness or controlling employee access to expensive items, ART can develop a solution that meets and exceeds any requirement.

Maximize your brand recognition and capture the attention of consumers with custom machine graphics putting your brand and product at the forefront. Using high grade vinyl and quality full color printing alongside experienced wrappers ensures quality and consistent finishing of your automated retail store.

HD quality touchscreen displays of varying sizes allow for product and brand commercials and an interactive consumer experience. By working with our in-house software engineers to combine graphics that fall within your company’s branding guidelines ensures continuity of your product line.

Product Nutrition
Custom built-in product displays can provide consumers a sneak peek of your offerings in a secure environment making their automatic vending experience more involved.

Vending machines are not just for snacks and drinks anymore. Fresh hot or cold food from burritos, to salads and cupcakes can now be offered through custom automated stores. Got a product that needs to be kept cold? Or one that requires heating to precise temperatures? Or even a more complicated procedure, such as the grinding of whole bean coffee prior to brewing each cup, or freshly popping popcorn? ART has solutions to product storage and delivery that are light-years ahead of any competition.

ART’s automated stores can be configured to accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, or any variation of these payment methods. ART’s unique payment system helps allow more customers to shop at our kiosks, and checkout quickly and easily.

ART has developed a proprietary management system to provide smart vending owners with a comprehensive and customizable stream of information on each system. Data includes real-time sales reports, low inventory alerts, cash/credit updates, times of transactions, and even provides predictive modeling to help system owners sell more of the best selling products at a unit level.

ART has been granted a United States Patent on their wireless control system, which provides the management control mentioned above without the need for costly Internet or telephone cables. Now, with ART’s unique and proprietary system, machines can “talk” to system owners from anywhere, at anytime.

Linking automated stores to the Internet allows for a higher level of interaction with your customer base than ever before. Gather an e-mail database, provide on the fly discounts and promotions, even include mobile app based payment and interactions. The possibilities for smart vending are nearly endless.